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Riggers Float 25,000 lb. Load on Air

bearinghousingA rigging crew in Central Illinois faced an interesting challenge: moving a 25,000-lb. roller bearing housing out of a warehouse and onto a flatbed trailer. The decision was made to float the load outside the warehouse on a set of Airfloat air bearing skids. Then a mobile construction crane was used to hoist the load onto a flatbed trailer (see image gallery below).

A set of four 20″ steel air skids, each with a capacity of 8,250 lbs., were used. Once the bearing housing was floating on a film of compressed air, it could be moved in any direction with about 25 lbs. of force.

A piece of 1/2″ steel plate was used to smooth the uneven transition from the warehouse floor to the outside parking lot. Once the load was outside, the airflow was ceased, bringing the load to a stop. Then nylon lifting straps were used to hoist the bearing housing onto a flatbed trailer, which hauled it away.

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