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Brand Division Of Align Production Systems

Assembly Lines

Maximize Performance

Maximize the performance and functionality of an assembly line system through versatile air caster technology.

Air Caster based assembly solutions don’t require in-ground rails or tow lines, allowing them to be flexible in their placement in your facility.
Friction-Free Movement
Air caster assembly lines offer the omnidirectional movement, requiring less space in your facility.
Investment & Maintenance
Our equipment requires low initial capital investment and minimal maintenance costs, and ends reliance on costly overhead cranes and tow conveyors.

Airfloat and our parent company Align Production Systems deliver flexible automation solutions for fabrication & assembly lines that are easy to implement.

Air Caster Assembly Line solutions offer flexibility and safety that overhead cranes and in-ground conveyor solutions don’t, and don’t require in-ground installation. Our Air Caster assembly line solutions also feature slide-out air caster replacement, reducing downtime to a minimum.

Kentucky Trailer
At its Louisville production facility, Kentucky Trailer switched from an in-floor tow conveyor to custom Airfloat air skids. The new arrangement allows workers to move the 20,000-lb. semi-trailers one at a time by hand in any direction. This allows the trailers to be maneuvered into spaces too tight for a fork truck to operate.
New Holland Agriculture
At its Burlington, Iowa, production facility, CNH created a floating assembly line for combine headers that use Airfloat Air Caster transporters fitted with “Pac-Man” upenders. The upenders rotate each head to the desired angle, up to 105°, allowing workers to more easily access the underside.
Bombardier Aerospace
At its Toronto facility, Bombardier uses Lift Glide Air Skids attached to AGV transport carts by our parent company, Align Production Systems, to transport jet fuselages through the various manufacturing stages. Built-in line-following robots automatically propel the transporters down the assembly line. Additionally, wheels allow them to be towed – while loaded on rough surfaces or outdoors.
Our Air Caster assembly line solutions also feature slide-out air caster replacement, reducing downtime to a minimum.
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