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Brand Division Of Align Production Systems

Powered by Air
for Over 50 Years

The Airfloat Story

Invention of
the Air Caster
The original air caster development took place at General Motors by an engineering group lead by Harry Mackie and David Snoeyenbos experimented with low friction movement with air, leading to the creation and patent of the air caster.
1967 - 1975
The Early Years
David Snoeyenbos buys the original air caster patent rights from General Motors and launches the first Air Caster company, the Airfloat Corporation. The Air Caster finds a niche in large project rigging and scientific applications.
1976 - 1985
Growth &
Invention of the air caster turntable drives growth and product diversification. Serves to protect workers from truck traffic accidents and improves ergonomics lowering workplace injuries. David Snoeyenbos sells the company to Demirco Holdings.
1986 - 2005
The Automotive
Under new management, Airfloat substantially grows market share in the automotive industry offering air caster turntables, rack handling solutions, lift tables, tilt tables, and conveyance systems.
2005 - 2012
Return to
Air Casters
Jason Stoecker buys Airfloat and re-emphasizes a focus on air caster technology. The renewed focus on engineering air casters solutions leads to a diversification of customers, taking non-automotive customers from 20% to 80% of overall revenue.
Today & Beyond
Future Vision
Company creates Align Production Systems as a holding company to better represent the diversity of product lines offered. Airfloat becomes a trademark brand division. Headquarters is relocated to St. Louis, MO and company culture enjoys a radical change as APS/Airfloat becomes an employer and supplier of choice. Focus is on offering products that are in high demand, development of a partner selling network and providing a meaningful experience for all employees.

From the President

For over 50 years Airfloat, and now Align Production Systems, has been making industrial-grade solutions that perform at the high demand of our customers. Budgets, longevity, safety, performance are what our customers challenge us with every day – it’s this challenge that brings out the best in our people.

As the lowest cost and most efficient way to move heavy loads, Airfloat air caster innovation has certainly made our work very interesting, and the companies we serve very diverse. Having served over 10,000 unique customers and shipped products to nearly every country in the world, there is never a dull day here.

Our team has much to be proud of. We thank our customers, suppliers, partners and the many employees who have worked over the last 50+ years to make Airfloat something to be proud of.


Our Vision and Focus

Daily decision making is the essence of our business. We believe that our culture and people are the key to both our customers success as it is our own. Training, trust, and empowerment are essential and the means to unlocking the genius our people.
We learned a long time ago that we can make many mistakes and be forgiven so long as our product performs and exceeds the demands of our customers. Quality of product takes priority over all other aspects of our business.
Our customers are our partners and reason we go to work every day. With the high demands of wall street, the realities of main street, and the rigorous demands of heavy industry it is critical that we at Airfloat innovate, control costs, be responsive, and build quality.
Moves that took 45 minutes are now accomplished in 5.
Automotive Manufacturing
The built-in upenders provide the option to rotate each head to the desired angle, allowing workers more easy access.
Agricultural Assembly
Use of Airfloat equipment resulted in a 50% reduction in the time required for this repair.
Nuclear Energy
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