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Align to Build Railcar Shuttle

shutterstock_199697969Align Production Systems, parent company of Airfloat, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the contract for the manufacture of a railcar shuttle system. Mervis Railcar, a refurbisher of industrial railcars, awarded the contract for the shuttle, to be installed at its planned $35 million refurbishing facility in Hutchinson, Kansas.

The shuttle will consist of a pit-mounted transfer table capable of accepting a railcar and pusher from an incoming track and laterally moving them 500 feet to an outgoing track. The transfer table will be 80 feet long and handle capacities up to 80 tons.

Mervis Railcar will provide industrial railcar refurbishing services to the oil, fuel, agricultural and other rail-using industries. The Hutchinson facility will be one of only two facilities in the nation capable of receiving and servicing a train of 100 or more cars. The recent increase in oil and fuel transportation by rail has increased the need for maintenance services including cleaning, painting and weld repairs.

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