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Airfloat’s YouTube Channel Continues to Impress

Airfloat’s official YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/airfloat) continues to post strong numbers. In the month of November alone, the channel received 1,655 video views. This translated into 2,653 minutes (or 44.2 hours) spent watching Airfloat-related videos. That’s almost two entire days!

In its five-year history, the Airfloat channel has grown to include over 70 public and private videos. The most popular selection, entitled “35-ton Load Floats on Air,” has received 8,777 views in just over a year. The video depicts a rigging application in which an immense steel roll was floated out of a warehouse on air skids and then lifted by cranes onto a flatbed trailer. The total number of video views for the channel as a whole is approaching 70,000.

“Videos are a powerful way to convey the capabilities and ease-of-use of air bearings,” says Gary Mollohan, Airfloat’s marketing manager. “They’re the next-best thing to experiencing the technology in person.”

“Airfloat’s YouTube channel, in addition to our official website, have become powerful sales tools with global reach and 24-hour availability,” continued Mollohan. “They will only increase in importance for Airfloat, particularly as we expand into overseas markets.”


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