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2012 Year in Review


2012 was one of the most eventful and prosperous years in Airfloat history. In addition to delivering several marquee projects, the company made great strides in the areas of branding and marketing. Here are just a few of the highlights:


An Airfloat CMM ShuttleAirfloat completed too many marquee projects in 2012 to mention here. A small sample: automated assembly transporters for a Canadian aircraft manufacturer, a CMM shuttle system for a North Carolina calibration lab, custom platforms for a state-of-the-art locomotive factory in Texas – the list goes on and on. Thanks to all our customers for entrusting Airfloat with your recent projects.


As Airfloat enters its fifth decade of operation, we have adopted a new company logo (coincidentally our fifth one). The logo has a clean, sturdy yet modern look meant to capture the spirit of our products and design philosophy. The mark (or symbol) is a block letter “A” with two motion lines trailing behind, backed by a circular field. To the right, the word “Airfloat” appears in a heavy sans serif font. The logo colors are red, white and (sometimes) black, depending on usage.


The official Airfloat website was redesigned to incorporate the new logo as well as to better tell the “Airfloat story.” The homepage is characterized by bold, attention-grabbing images offset by plenty of white space. Interior pages have a similar look with lots of “sidebar” information, including recommended videos and case studies. The new website is performing well, enjoying a 30% increase in traffic and improved time-on-site numbers.

Airfloat has always had great products and people. The challenge: letting the rest of the world know about the ‘Airfloat advantage.’

Trade shows

Airfloat booth at Hanover FairAirfloat increased its trade show presence in a major way in 2012, exhibiting at six shows (three national and three international). All told, we reached thousands of prospective customers on three different continents. The highlight of the year was exhibiting at Germany’s Hanover Fair, the largest and most-prestigious industrial trade show in the world.


Airfloat hired a new chief marketing officer (Bryan Poggemiller), a new V.P. of manufacturing (Lane Fredrickson) and four new design engineers (Scott Faust, Michael Graf, Jordan Shafer and Darrel Ruckman). On the factory side, we acquired two new inventory specialists (Colt Wiegand and Dale Schmutzler) in addition to a new shipping coordinator (Matt Leach). The company is now fully staffed with a deep roster of design, fabrication and assembly talent, positioning us for a strong 2013.


Airfloat has always had great products and people. The challenge: letting the rest of the world know about the “Airfloat advantage.” We seek to remedy this in 2013 with an ambitious print and online ad campaign. You may have spotted one of our new ads already. Expect many more to come.

Have a happy and safe holiday season, and see you in 2013!

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