New Safety Regs for Oil Rail Cars

shutterstock_199697969Due to new safety regulations, the freight rail industry will be phasing out older oil-transporting rail cars (so-called DOT-111 tank cars) in the coming years. New cars built after 2015 must comply with the new DOT-117 safety standard. Older cars may be retrofitted to meet the new standard at a cost of about $30,000 per car. This will be a considerable undertaking since DOT-111 cars comprise about 70% of the current fleet.

New or upgraded cars will feature a number of safety improvements including:

Align Production Systems offers a number of manufacturing-automation solutions for makers of rail cars and locomotives. They include:

Most of these solutions “pay” for themselves after just a year or two due to increased production. For instance, one maker of locomotives increased output from 17 to 22 locomotives per month – a 29% gain.

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