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Airfloat Video Tops Quarter-Million Views

youtubegrabA video posted to YouTube by Airfloat has received over 250,000 views. The video, entitled “35-ton Load Floats on Air,” was originally posted on May 12, 2011. As the name implies, it depicts a 35-ton steel roll being “floated” out of a factory on Airfloat air skids and hoisted atop a flatbed trailer.

“The key to getting clicks online is a catchy headline,” says Gary Mollohan, the Airfloat marketing manager that shot and edited the video. “When I originally posted the video I called it something boring like ‘Using Air Skids as Part of a Rigging Move,’ or something to that effect. It promptly laid an egg. On a whim, I changed the headline to mention floating 35 tons on air, and the video took off.”

The Airfloat YouTube channel has received over 350,000 views since its launch in 2007 and contains dozens of air bearing-related videos.

Click here to watch the video.

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