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Work Stand

Air Skid Case Study

Wildeck Uses Air Skids
to Efficiently Maneuver
10,000 lb. Work Stand
Wildeck Hero Image

The Situation

Wildeck, a work stand manufacturer, was looking for an alternative to wheels to move their newly-built aerospace work stand. The customer they built the work stand for suggested using air caster technology to help with maneuverability and efficiency when transporting the work stand around the facility. The work stand is about 14’x14’ and weighs 10,000 lbs., making it difficult to move on wheels.


Air Casters
Due to the work stand’s steel construction and heavy weight, Wildeck found it necessary to rely on air caster technology to float the load on air.
Minimal Effort
Air Casters made it possible to move the work stand with the power of four workers, though Wildeck said they would be comfortable moving the weight with just two.
Wildeck mounted the work stand on the Air Skids to permanently keep the work stand in place and make it safer for workers to maneuver.
“The system went together incredibly easily and we were surprised at how smooth the process went for us since we were first-time air caster users. We had great support when we had any questions and were able to get on the phone with someone at Airfloat who could direct us on the right path.”


Wildeck 1

Air caster technology allowed Wildeck to move the work stand with just 4 workers and granted the ability to permanently mount the work stand on Air Skids. Wildeck could comfortably move the work stand around their facility and were happy with how easy the Air Skids were to use.

We’d like to recognize Bryan Tomassi and Bernie Sanchez for their help in developing this case study, as well as Ramon Castillo, Eliecer Patino, and Francisco Lopez (pictured above) for their work on the development of the work stand.

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