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Crane Bay

Quick & Easy Moves

Quick & easy crane bay moves with reliable and efficient Airfloat air caster technology.

High Capacity
Our Air Platforms can move up to 120,000 lbs of load weight from one crane bay to another with ease.
Operator Safety
Air Platforms reduce risk to operators moving between crane bays, as Air Platforms keep the load low to the ground, and are able to stop within a few inches in case of an emergency.
Our custom-designed transfer solutions provide an effective and low-cost method of moving large, heavy loads. Enhance worker safety, and benefit from low initial capital investment needs and minimal maintenance costs.

Crane Bay Shuttles allow operators to easily, efficiently, and safely move heavy machinery from one crane bay to the next.

With our custom-designed solutions, Airfloat gives your facility the ability to quickly transfer your heavy equipment with just a few pounds of force. Air Platforms stay low to the ground, maximizing safety during the transfer of the load. By using air caster technology, your facility can become more efficient, safe, and cost-effective.

How Does it Work?

Airfloat is constantly looking for ways to make your facility flow more efficiently, and this time we’ve focused on the efficiency of crane bays. By implementing Air Platforms, operators can keep the load on the ground instead of dangerously lifting the equipment in the air. Make your equipment moves quicker, safer, and easier with Airfloat equipment.

Air Platforms stay low to the ground, maximizing safety during the transfer of the load.
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