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Plataforma neumática con cuna de rodillos y elevador

Manejo de rollos

Mueva fácilmente los rollos de papel y otros materiales sobre una fina película de aire con sólo unos pocos kilos de fuerza. Airfloat ofrece un movimiento omnidireccional y casi sin fricción.
Mueva fácilmente los rollos de papel y otros materiales sobre una fina película de aire con sólo unos pocos kilos de fuerza. Airfloat ofrece un movimiento omnidireccional y casi sin fricción.
flecha izquierda del deslizador
flecha izquierda del deslizador

Plataforma utilitaria con cuna de rodillos y elevador

Utility Platform with Roll Cradle & Lift allows you to move difficult paper and material rolls effortlessly. Air Casters provide omnidirectional and nearly friction-free movement for maximum flexibility even in tight spaces. The equipment is easily maintained with slide-out air caster trays that can be serviced or replaced without removing the load from the Air Platform.
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Plataforma utilitaria con elevador hidráulico
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Our Air Casters only utilize a 100% urethane diaphragm design and are built to not roll under themselves when encountering a bump or a flaw in the floor or when braking quickly. Under safe and clean conditions, these Skids can last for years of use in the field.
Uh oh - the unthinkable has happened. The Air Caster under your Air Platform with Roll Cradle & Lift has ripped due to some debris on the floor. We’ve designed our Skids to be easy to repair with slide-out trays to replace the Air Caster without removing the Roll/Load- leading to minimal downtime and a quick turnaround to get back to moving heavy loads.
Lift & Load
Paper Rolls
The onboard Hydraulic Lift gives operators the ability to load and lift paper rolls into position for loading / unloading, and the power of our Air Casters lets loads up to tens of thousands of pounds be moved effortlessly across facility floor.

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La tecnología del aire

We exist to create material handling solutions for moving and positioning heavy and difficult to position loads with low friction, omnidirectional movement. The Air Caster is a pneumatic device that forms a lubricating film of air between the load and floor surface, similar in principle to a hovercraft or an air hockey table. We provide material handling products and solutions for heavy loads when frictionless, omnidirectional movement is critical.

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Conozca más sobre la tecnología Air Caster y cómo Airfloat trabaja con nuestros socios para desarrollar soluciones que ahorran tiempo y optimizan los presupuestos.
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Guía de aplicación: Transportador de rollos de papel
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Preguntas Frecuentes
¿Funcionarán las ruedas neumáticas en mi piso?

Many people believe a perfect floor, polished to a mirror finish, is required in order to use air caster technology. Most Airfloat equipment is designed to operate on machine-troweled concrete. However, the floor does need to be reasonably flat and level. Call 800-888-0018 today to speak with an application engineer to discuss if your floors are up to par for air caster technology to function efficiently.

¿Cuáles son los requisitos de aire?

Most plant air systems and adequate pressure (usually over 80 psi) for air caster technology. However, make sure the airflow is strong enough for the equipment you’re looking into. The required air consumption for the efficient operation of air casters is 3 SCFM per foot of air bearing perimeter.

¿En qué tamaños están disponibles los patines Airfloat?

Airfloat Air Skids range in size from 10 inches to 54 inches, with single-skid capacity from 500 pounds to 60,000 pounds per skid. Custom sizes are also available.

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