Air Skid Training: Setup and Operation

Air Skid Training: Replacing an Air Bearing

Temporary Floor Repairs for Air Bearing Use

Using the Airfloat eStore

About Airfloat

How Airfloat Technology Works

The Airfloat Advantage


Air Skid Montage

Air Platform with Tugger

Rigging Application

Stadium Seating Mover

CMM Shuttle System

Aerospace Assembly Transporter

Paper Roll Handler

Pneumatic Pallet Jack

Bearing Shaft Installation

Paint Booth Turntable

Transportable Turntable with Scale

Manual Turntable with Lifts

Pneumatic Scissor Lift with Tilt

Air Platform with Scissor Lift

Four-position Turntable with Secondary Rotates

4,000 lb. Roll Transporter

Locomotive Cab Assy. Trans.

Air Bearing Turntable with Multi-position Tilts

Powered Tugger

Autoclave Loader

Moving Theater Sets on Airfloat Equipment


Kentucky Trailer

GE Aviation

Airfloat in the News

Antique Tractor Move at Lincoln Museum

Newswoman Pushes Semitrailer by Hand

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