The Air Bearing Express?!

tiny bulletIs billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk planning to build an air-powered bullet train? The answer: a definite maybe. About a year ago, Musk announced plans to build what he called a “Hyperloop” between L.A. and San Francisco that would allow commuters to travel between the two cities in under 30 minutes. The average speed theoretically required to make such a trip: a blistering 685 mph.

Little is known about the project, which Musk has referred to as a “fifth mode” of transportation, an alternative to planes, trains, automobiles and boats. The PayPal co-founder has described the Hyperloop as a “cross between a Concorde and a rail gun and an air hockey table.” [Emphasis added.] Intriguing, indeed.

If history is any indicator, Musk, who also founded private space-transport company SpaceX and co-founded Tesla Motors, doesn’t dream small. We at Airfloat, the innovator of air-bearing technology, will be following the project closely. After all, no one understands the awesome power of air better than us.




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