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New Video Added to Airfloat YouTube Channel

2,000 lb. capacity Airfloat air platform with integrated scissor lift

A new video has been added to the official Airfloat YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/airfloat). Entitled “Air Bearing Platform with Scissor Lift,” the 90-second clip depicts a 2,000-lb.-capacity Airfloat platform in operation. Watch as a one-ton concrete block is effortlessly transported, raised and lowered — by a single operator.

In its five-year history, the Airfloat channel has grown to include over 70 public and private videos. The most popular selection, entitled “35-ton Load Floats on Air,” has received 8,777 views in just over a year. And the total number of video views for the channel recently surpassed 70,000.

If you haven’t already done so, please subscribe to the Airfloat YouTube channel. That way, you’ll automatically receive an email alert whenever a new video is added.

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