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New Video Added to Airfloat Website

A new video has been added to the official Airfloat website. Entitled “How Airfloat Technology Works,” the video is our second collaboration with St. Louis-based Fat Chimp Studios. (The first was the “Who We Are” video on the Airfloat homepage.) Clocking in at two-and-a-half minutes, the video uses live-action footage and 3D computer animation to illustrate the principles by which air bearing technology operates.One of the most impressive shots occurs just 10 seconds into the video, when a digitally “exploded” steel air skid self-assembles before the viewer’s eyes. Then moving arrows are used to depict the flow of compressed air through the skid and out the communicating holes on the underside of the air bearing. The animation is extremely accurate because it uses the same 3D computer models employed by Airfloat engineers.Fat Chimp is already hard at work on the next Airfloat video, which should be posted on this site in the coming weeks. 

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