Pneumatic Lift Table

Streamline options and maximize ergonomic operations with custom pneumatic lift tables

Learn Why Airfloat Pneumatic Lift Tables are the best way to lift, tilt, and rotate heavy equipment. 

Custom Pneumatic Lift Tables for Lean Manufacturing

Now your heavy lifting can be done by just the actuation of a foot or hand control valve. Airfloat lift tables can provide solutions in a standard lift, a lift and tilt or a lift and rotate configuration. And the durability of our lift tables is unsurpassed in the industry. Standard tables handle up to 8,000 lbs., tilt tables can tilt product up to 90°, and your pallet loads can be easily lifted with zero lifts. Applications include:

pneumatic lift tablesCollapsible, Low Profile Pneumatic Lift Table

Our 100% pneumatic units are built to withstand the demands of manufacturing, and are easy and safe to implement. Designed to any dimension, our low profile tables feature:

Airfloat engineers excel at evaluating your process and recommending lean manufacturing solutions. From start to finish, we custom design and manufacture industrial material handling equipment to provide solutions specifically for your operations. All systems are built to Airfloat and industry standards and are designed for easy maintenance and high life cycle to assure your ROI expecations are met.

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Pneumatic Lift Table with Tilt

Pneumatic Lift Table with Tilt

For lifting and tilting 2,000 to 6,000-pound loads, Airfloat pneumatic tilts are bolt-on or stand-alone. Safety features include a toe kickplate, two up-stop chains per actuator, a safety prop for maintenance of the tilt, corner retainer angles to hold the container in place, and a solid steel enclosed base pan to protect internal components.

Pneumatic Tilt Table

Pneumatic Tilt Table

Airfloat Pneumatic tilt tables, bolt-down or stand-alone, lift 2,000 to 8,000 pounds. Safety features include built-in maintenance prop and corner angles to hold the container in place. Custom tilts for large capacity loads also available.

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