Industrial Turntables

Increase productivity and lower maintenance costs with reliable air bearing industrial turntables suitable for any high capacity load.

Learn more about pneumatic turntables that utilize air caster technology for precision and safety.

Custom Designed Industrial Turntables

Turntables bring efficiencies and ergonomic solutions to your production line. Designed to perform effortlessly while floating and moving the maximum loads, there is a turntable configuration that will fit seamlessly into your process flow. Call on single-position, two-position, four-position or a multiple-position turntable, each with a capacity range of 1,000 lbs. and up. Choose from many options including:

Airfloat robotic turntable

An Airfloat robotic turntable with center divider.

Complete Customization for Every Application

If your operation calls for the use of flush floor-style turntables, Airfloat can build air caster turntables with as little height as 2 1/4 inches. Choices include a wide variety of standard turntables which provide for capacities over 100,000 pounds. Benefits include:

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Two-Position Tilt Turntable

Two-Position Tilt Turntable

These turntables can position 2,000 to 16,000 pound loads and tilt them for ergonomic efficiency, minimizing workstation dwell time and worker injury risk. Various tilt angles, corner braces for pallets or bins, and other custom details can fit your operation exactly.

Four-Position Turntable

Four-Position Turntable

This table can rotate up to 4,000-pound loads for optimum ergonomic positioning. Airfloat turntables have specially-developed urethane air bearing material, attached to a corrosion-resistant steel back place with a rolled edge seal, for maximum strength. Position dividers are available.

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