assembly line system

Assembly Lines

Learn why market leaders like Boeing, Caterpillar and Ford Motor Co. have used Airfloat technology to revolutionize their manufacturing processes.

Heavy Loud Movement

Rigging / Hoisting

Air Bearing Rigging Equipment for Heavy Load Movement For over 40 years, Airfloat has been providing innovative, cost-efficient solutions to […]

Lean Manufacturing

Intuitive Lean Manufacturing Solutions Airfloat designs and builds material handling and manufacturing solutions for market leaders around the world. We […]

Airfloat Systems

Custom Applications

Custom Solutions for Powerful Results At Airfloat, we are consultative problem-solvers who understand the needs of heavy manufacturing. Utilizing innovative […]

Automated Guided Vehicle(s)

Vehículos Guiados Automáticos

Vehículos Guiados Automáticos Innovadores Fabricantes entienden las ventajas de líneas de asamblea móviles, y Airfloat sabe cómo maximizar el rendimiento […]

Press Line Equipment

Airfloat press line solutions are integrated system and product solutions designed and built for material handling needs involving the delivery […]

Airfloat backup chock assembly / disassembly device

Shaft and Roller Bearing Installation

Innovative, Simple Solution for Shaft and Roller Bearing Installation Airfloat has designed and built an innovative new machine for the […]

Airfloat crane bay shuttle

Crane Bay Shuttles

  Crane bay shuttles provide an effective and low cost method of moving large, heavy loads from one crane bay […]

Airfloat machine movers

Machinery Movers

Machinery Movers Simplify Heavy Equipment Transport When machinery needs to be moved or reconfigured, traditional casters or Hilman rollers can’t […]

Almacenaje de Alta Densidad

Sistemas de Almacenaje de Alta Densidad de Bajo Costo Espacio desperdiciado iguala ingresos perdidos. Almacenaje de alta densidad utilizan tecnología […]

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