Case Studies

Inside Kentucky Trailer

Semi-Trailer Assembly

Learn how Kentucky Trailer used Airfloat  to maximize their manufacturing floorspace.

Nuclear rigging job

Nuclear Power Plant

Learn how a nuclear power plant used Airfloat to move essential equipment on a low capacity floor.

Automatic Guided Vehicle(s)

Aerospace Assembly

Learn how Bombardier used Airfloat to modernize their commercial jet manufacturing facility.

Mining truck

Mining Truck Assembly

Learn how Caterpillar used Airfloat Turntables to remove assembly line bottlenecks.

CMM transport system

CMM Shuttle System

Learn how Airfloat partnered with a CMM manufacturer to reduce cycle times at a calibration laboratory.

Airfloat locomotive assembly transporter

Locomotive Assembly

Learn how the largest diesel locomotive manufacturer used Airfloat to increase output by 29%.

High voltage switchgear transporter

Electrical Switchgear Assembly Transporter

Learn how a manufacturer of electrical switch gears used Airfloat to maximize efficiency.

machinery move

Machinery Move

Learn how a nuclear power plant used Airfloat Air Skids to move a 38,000 lb. engine lathe without a crane.

Engine Remanufacturing

Learn how Waukesha Pierce Industries used Airfloat to change the way they move engines.

Super-Conducting Magnet Manufacturing

Learn how General Atomics used Airfloat to move highly sensitive magnets across their facility.

Jet Engine Manufacturing

Learn how General Electric Aviation brought their jet engine line up to speed with Airfloat.

Offshore Oil Drilling

Learn how a manufacturer of offshore drilling equipment used Airfloat to float over 300 tons.

Fighter jet manufacturing

Fighter Jet Manufacturing

Learn how a leading fighter jet manufacturer used custom transporters to move fighter jets efficiently.

Mold & Die

Die Casting and Mold Injecting

Learn how Airfloat can reduce mold change times for die casting from over 1 hour to 10 minutes.

Arena Seating

Learn how arenas and stadiums rely on Airfloat to move 3,500,000 pound grandstands.

Shelter Manufacturing

Learn how Midwest Underground Techonology found a better way to manufacture communication shelters with Airfloat.

assembly line system

Agriculture Assembly

Learn how Case New Holland uses Airfloat to improve how they manufacture grain headers.

Airfloat backup chock assembly / disassembly device

Bearing Shaft Insertion

Learn how ArcelorMittal used Airfloat to change the way they assembled backup chocks.

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