Airfloat Becomes Division of Align Production Systems

Recently, Airfloat has teamed up with 4 separate companies (Axial, SafeBuilt, Silvestrini, Tecbo) to form a partnership under the name “Align Production Sytems“. Through this partership, Airfloat and Align are able to offer a wide variety of products, including air-casters, turntables, work holding fixtures, lifts, and other material handling solutions. Align Production Systems is comprised of a blend of companies that can be called on to design any type of moving/positioning system, as well as provide these solutions all over the world, with locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.


So what’s the point? When customers call Airfloat, they get the whole team. Engineers at Airfloat will work along side the rest of the Align team in order to create an optimal solution. With a range of products, Align can find a fit to every individual need, without businesses having to go through multiple companies. Take a visit to the Align Production Systems website today and explore our added product lines. Please note that all Facebook, twitter, and google plus pages will soon be turned into Align pages to represent the company more clearly.





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